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New Profile Posts

  1. SalPhecZ
    Online npud ta balik
  2. SalPhecZ
    pastilan nganong bugok man kaayo kos gugma yati
  3. Twinkletits
  4. Twinkletits
  5. mazed
  6. Fazicaz
    can anyone help me. a guy added me on steam and i saw that he was in a +rep farming group. would like to report it
  7. Blazeick
  8. SalPhecZ
    Don`t make your self like fool!
  9. Nichoals
    I need HELP and I'm willing to pay for it! PLEASE HELP!
  10. Nichoals
    Sad Sad Old Man... :-(
  11. 6IX
    6IX Moxxi
    stop hiding behind female pics you fat piece of shit. K.ys.
  12. 6IX
    6IX Moxxi
  13. 6IX
    6IX |LZ| Gentleman
    We do not forgive.

    We do not FORGET.
  14. 6IX
    6IX |LZ| Gentleman
    expect us.
  15. NikosoikonomouX
  16. NikosoikonomouX
    Hey m a new member here if you want feal free to say a welcome to me :)
  17. NikosoikonomouX
  18. Ms. Smith
  19. Ms. Smith
    Ms. Smith Edward
    hey can i ask why you banned me in csgo rep? and is there anything i can do to get unbanned in that group?
  20. Ms. Smith
    Ms. Smith Enstage
    just wondering are you buying tf2 keys?
    1. Enstage
      Dec 31, 2016