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Important Trade Admin Application Form v2.5 [OPEN]

Discussion in 'Application Archive' started by Chride2k8, May 3, 2013.

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    So, you want to become a Lethal-Zone Trade admin? Well here is your chance! Just fill in the application form below, make a new topic in Apply for Trade Admin with the name "Trade Admin Application Form your name" and we will take a look to see if you'd fit in... Answer all the questions as accurately and complete as possible. There are several things we require of you and a few things that will get your application declined instantly.

    Instant decline

    • Tagged as a scammer or have a caution tag.
    • Too many scammer/caution friends.
    • Pending reports on SR.
    • Low/no trade experience.
    • Fail to answer on any of the questions below.
    • Fail to answer all additional questions (if any) that admins can ask.
    • Unable to speak, write and read English properly.
    • Younger than 16 years.
    • Inactivity on the forum.

    Answer the following questions
    • Who are you? -tell us about yourself, name, age, where do you live and so on.
    • Why do you want to become a Lethal-Zone trade admin?
    • In what way can you help us?
    • What is your main account? *
    • List all your other accounts (if any). *
    • Do you know how to use SteamRep and how to report there?
    • Are you capable of being a team player and complete tasks when they are given to you?
    • How much time can you "donate" to the admin chores?
    • Have you got any previous admin experience? -if so then provide links, groups, servers and more.
    • What would you want to specialize/concentrate on? -rep threads, scam reports, appeals, what?
    • Why should we select you?

    * - Copy-paste the steamID blocks from SteamRep

    • If you say that you have had admin experience then you should also add a link to that communities web page or steam group
    • If there are several in the same household (siblings) who have steam then list their accounts as well and write who owns what account. Otherwise they will show up as alt. accounts to us.
    • If your application has been rejected then you should wait a few months before reapplying, the time that you should wait is different in all cases, it all depends on the reject reason.

    If you get accepted:
    If you get accepted then an admin will contact you shortly. Your first task is to read the rules and guidelines and also sign them, when you have read and signed you will also be granted your admin-rights.

    If you get rejected:
    If you get rejected then depending on the reject reason you can reapply earliest 1month (30days) from the reject date. However if you have been caught lying then there is no chance what so ever. The reject reason also contains details on when you can reapply.

    If you are selected to be a Lethal-Zone trade admin you will have to use the |LZ| tag at all times and it's also preferred that you don't change your name too often. Please note that you will have to help new traders and that you must speak English on the server at all times, even when your friends are on and you're just talking to them. Lastly, we require you to be active on the forum. A minimum of weekly reading is mandatory. (Exceptions for holidays or special occasions etc are possible when you give notice beforehand)

    P.S. Please take your time when you fill in the application, fill it in carefully and thoroughly. If you do that then there is a higher chance for your application to get accepted.
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    Archiving this thread, its old and was originally meant for the trade servers.
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