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Invalid 76561198332906078 (Get_Fossed)

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Tyson, Jan 26, 2017.

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  1. Tyson

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    Aug 11, 2016
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    | steamname: Get_Fossed
    | steam3ID: [U:1:372640350]
    | steamID32: STEAM_0:0:186320175
    | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198332906078
    | customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/FossumGaming
    | steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198332906078

    To get the story Started I buy cheap gift cards and stuff on Gameflip.com which is a site where you can buy anything from Csgo skins to Giftcards. So the other day I see this guy that has cheap cards so i comment on the card. So I buy his Claire's gift card for 15 dollars that is worth 50 as seen in the files and it seems to have been refunded the payment didn't go through and so I added him on steam to talk about it. And we talked and today he started talking to me about a Visa Giftcard ($35) for 5 Csgo keys. Which I was of course like hell yeah lol seemed kinda fishy but he had 150 rep on Gameflip so I was like why not :). So I ask him for proof he sends me the card number I check the card the cards legit blah blah blah and after I send him the two keys and he sends me the Date of Expiration and the Cvv and then automatically blocks me... Obviously there I am thinking scam. and when I go to pay with the card for a steam gift-card it says that the card isn't authorized or some shit.

    His Gameflip profile connected with his Steamrep; https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:33973b11-2200-4ea6-8225-c9412b589c0a

    To be honest, I am glad he scammed me out of 2 keys and not someone out of fifty if you need me to supply any more evidence I am welcome to just glad to see this fag gtfo xD

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  2. Edward

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    Jan 20, 2016
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    Hello @Tyson ,

    Reports involving cd keys, game keys, pin codes and gift card codes are impossible to verify that they are/were legitimate and unredeemed. It's a very rare occasion that we review similar reports involving digital redeemable keys.

    Marking this report as Invalid.
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