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Christmas giveaway lottery

Discussion in 'Trade Chat' started by Biber, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. Biber

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    Mar 21, 2011
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    We thought we'd give back a bit to people who helped us make the trade server an attractive place for us to "work" in and for players to hang out at by either providing assistance when needed, sharing knowledge, donating raffle items, ... Gifts are from our event prize pool - partially donations, partially collected by me. I tried to include everyone who helped a good bit. If you think you were unjustly forgotten please let me know.

    I used random.org to determine who gets what. Donations from certain persons could not be drawn for the respective person.

    So here we go:

    Snelvuur - Tyurtleneck - not accepted, back to prize pool
    DataStorm - Rebel rouser - traded
    HeroinHero - Vintage Stockbroker's scarf - traded
    GlobalS - Strange Medigun - traded
    Deltaleader - uncraftable black Cremator's conscience - traded
    Generalissimo Jellyfish - Pom-pommed provocateur - traded
    Alias - genuine Russian rocketeer - not accepted, back to prize pool
    Killvion - lvl 69 Madame dixie - traded
    Clifford - Scrap sack - traded
    Geo - Wet works - traded
    Mr. HaxGuy - Snapped pupil - traded
    Jho - Salty dog - traded
    Tom Reeves - Duelling minigame, lvl 99 huo long heater, lvl 69 rescue ranger, lvl 100 neon annihilator, license to maim - traded
    LongShlongSilver - Platinum toque - traded
    Silversurfer - Strange part: Gib kills - traded
    Goldfield - Whiskered gentleman - traded
    Blue - Strange part: Kills while ubercharged - traded
    Darkness - Breakneck baggies - traded
    Jer9 - lime Steel shako - traded
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    Sep 7, 2008
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    Wow, this is a very nice gesture towards the helping community! ^^ The trade section of lethal-zone definitely proved its own place in the community and became a great hub to trade in. :) I tip my hat to all the others who contributed and are still contributing to keep the trade server an awesome and lively place! :D