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Tutorial How to Apply to be a Middleman for LZ

Discussion in 'Middleman Applications' started by |LZ| Gentleman, Jun 6, 2016.

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    LZ is always looking for qualified users to help middleman trades. Anyone with a solid reputation and a desire to help their fellow traders is welcome to apply. Keep in mind that Lethal Zone is a SteamRep Partner Community, and that if you join the LZ team as a Middleman, you will also be listed on SteamRep.

    To reduce the number of applications, along with the number of rejected applications, please read this post on SteamRep before applying for a position here.

    To apply, please copy and paste the questionnaire below in a new thread and provide answers for it.
    Please title the thread with your ID64 and current Steam Name.

    Applications may take time to be considered. Please be patient.


    1. Where do you live? (City, Country, Time Zone)

    2. What times during the week are you available to help middleman?

    3. Do you have prior experience as a middleman?

    4. How long have you been trading? In what Steam games?

    5. Do you have any reputation threads or forms of rep? Please link them here.

    6. Why do you want to represent Lethal Zone as a middleman for the trading community?

    7. What challenges do you forsee as a middleman?

    8. Please list ALL of your Steam accounts with SR ID Blocks.

    9. Have you had any leadership or position with responsibilities in a Steam community?


    Please keep in mind that additional questions, along with a substantial amount of training, will be given to users that qualify before they join the LZ MM Team. Best of luck!
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