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Selling WoT and Hawken Gift code

Discussion in 'Games and Steam inventories' started by Snobgoblin, Apr 9, 2013.

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    Dec 30, 2011
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    EDIT: Full trade now belongs to Camper!

    So, some time ago I bought myself a new graphics card and these gift codes ( World of Tanks, Hawken and Planetside2*).
    I would like to sell them because I don´t feel like/ I don´t have the time to seriously start playing one of those games.

    Quick Q&A´s:
    Q:How did you get these gift codes?
    A: I bought myself a NVIDIA graphics card, the gift codes were a promo of Nvidia as an addition.

    Q: What does the gift code for my game include?
    A: A list of the things you receive will be give down.

    Q: How can I pay you?
    A: The Lethal Zone admin Camper accepted to be a middle man. I accept pays in TF2 items ( you have to overpay a bit) or in RL money (pay pal to Campers account; more information in a private steam chat with me and/or Camper).

    Q: How do I know that you are not trying to scam people?
    A: I have the codes on a screenshot on the desktop of my computer. I do not plan on starting these games.

    Q: How do I reedem the code for my game?
    A: Follow the steps given on this website.

    Q: My code failed, what is the problem?
    A: Look closely at it again, maybe you have a spelling mistake.

    Q: When do the codes expire?
    A: NVIDIA says that this promo is running until 30/06/2013, so grab your code fast!

    For more information, please visit the http://www.geforce.co.uk/landing-page/free-2-play site.

    The codes
    World of Tanks:
    7500 Gold² (in-game money which you get by paying with RL money)
    Worth 33pounds, I only accept € and $ (Camper will treat that).
    ² = New players get an additional of 2500Gold

    7200 Meteor Credit (in-game money which you get by paying with RL money)
    Worth 33pounds, I only accept € and $ (Camper will treat that).

    A gave this code to a friend of mine, sorry!

    If you have further questions feel free to ask below or contact me via steam.

    Greets, Snob